Thursday, June 21, 2012

Planting and hoping that they will grow...

We built a home last year in the beautiful field my Dad gifted me...(well I think he was so thrilled to get us to move out that it seemed a small price to pay). My mother is an amazing gardener and has a large stunning garden, I will post some photos later...she has in her day planted literally thousands of trees and has acres of forests...she has done her bit for the environment for sure! Her garden is mature and really settled, yet when we go plant shopping the lady never leaves empty handed...She encourages us to collect seeds, take cuttings and slips and is delighted that all her children adore gardening... and we all do.

Gardening for me is therapeutic and so enjoyable...a form of meditation. I love spending time outside planting, propagating and less enjoyable for me...weeding. I seem to have crops of thistles (as in waist high) and they are loving my garden, I spent yesterday weeding and nobody would ever would not miss the 300+ thistles I murdered! 

This is a young garden less than a year old and so far it is teaching me patience and perseverance. Like all things in life you must show up, put the time in and do what you can...then release. I can't fight an acre of thistles or the hundreds of slugs that seem to be residing avec nous...but I can keep trying. This year is about converting the field into a garden and I have moments where I think I might be winning!! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pattern and colour....

My passion is fabric and pattern and colour (so not obvious…grin). I love mix and match and surprise. This fabric just came back from the printers and the plan is that they will be very fun make up bags. I am totally loving the cheeky messages and the great colours...I think they woluld make really great cushions also and my living room could do with a lift!! 
We are getting ready to exhibit at Bloom (phoenix park, Dublin) this year and are trying to get a booth designed, make stock and get ready for 5 days of hard work and lots of fun. It is such a great show to visit so please stop by if you are visiting.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Give Aways...

Friday Giveaway…totally in holiday mode and we are just launching new collection of cards and magnets here at studio. To celebrate we are gifting 5 large mirrors and 5 large magnets of your choice (cause you get to be the boss) to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment and we will announce a winner next week! Hurray

Friday, April 20, 2012


I have always loved multiples and collections of various objects…I think things look more interesting if there are varieties of them…perhaps that is just my excuse to buy lots of pairs of shoes (and bags, lipsticks, vintage shoe forms, vintage spools…ok there is quite a list)

While in Munich I was snapping away and loved the great displays and merchandise that was there. There were shops that were totally dedicated to selling brushes, another would just sell tights…and I loved that! I feel that department stores and giant retail stores take away the specialness (don’t think that is a real word but you get me) of having unique specialized stores. So bring back butcher, the baker, and the candlestick-maker and let them all do what they are great at…and leave me to do the collecting. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My New Web Site

So it has finally happened…I gave my web site a new look. It surprising how long it takes! I used to be a bit of a web geek (a life time ago) but I am totally out of practice. However I love it and it works for me! I am going to upload my new products (once I photograph them…got a new light box). 
What I now know is that running your own business means that you wear so many hats, designer, business manager, photographer, web designer and the list goes on. However its never monotonous and always challenging. 
I love being my own boss and facing challenges head on. There is a great sense of adventure and achievement when accomplishments are realized. Ok…off to face the next one!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Its actually a super busy time here at the studio…I feel I am stuck in pause (as there is so so much to do) and yet every day orders are flying out the door, new work is being created and there is an exciting feeling in the air.

We are getting ready for London and so excited about the show there…we are trying to make new pieces, gather props and make sure all the forms are filled out and paperwork in order. Doing shows are totally invaluable, they are so much work and are totally expensive but they really put the collection out into the open and help me to connect with my customer…for me that really is the fun part.

So here are some snap shots of how the studio looks at the moment, some of the mood boards that are inspiring me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Her Office

I totally LOVE my office. Most of the days I spend in the studio (which I will feature at a later date) but I also spend quite a bit of time in my office.
When I was building it I wanted to create a space that was bright and cheerful and make it into a room that I would like to spend time in.
I find kitchen accessories are great for an office…a little baguette tray and vegetable basket really help control desk clutter.
It is quite small (cosy) and I have a great reclaimed red brick wall and two amazing windows that give me views of the mountain and farm yard…so I spend time feeling like I am in nature. I get to spy the peacocks chasing the dogs when I should be doing work!!
At heart I am a collector so in order for my family not to do an intervention I have to be uber organized with my bits and bobs…I totally love colour co-ordinating books…makes them look organized and neat and looks fun.
Little cute vintage finds are also fun accessories to have around and I find that they make me enjoy being in a space more.